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Landmark Magazine is an online Central Christadelphian magazine exclusively serving the growing online community of Christadelphians. While at this point in time, we have no plans to distribute the magazine in a hard copy format, we would encourage you to share this website with those who may be interested in receiving the magazine electronically using the 'Tell-a-friend' link on the bottom of the page.   You may notice that the magazine has been formatted so that it can be printed in hard copy on most home printers. The formatting has been standardised so that it can be printed in North America, the UK or Australia using the regional paper standards. Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions for improvement we would welcome your input.

Editors and Publishing Committee:

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Matthew Trowell
Richard Morgan
Tim Osborn
Jay Mayock Jr.
Frank Abel
Richard Morgan
David Wisniewski
Matthew Colby
Matthew Trowell
Wayne Coutu
Daniel Cadieux, Rod Ghent, Robert J. Lloyd
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